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- List of Neighbors
- Civil Filings and Civil Actions
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- Misdemeanors and Felonies
- Alias/Maiden Name Check
- Arrests and Warrants
- Property Ownership Search
- Convictions and
- Date of Birth

- Address History
- Area Sex Offender Check
- Phone Numbers
- Spouse/Roommates Locator
- Email Addresses
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- Neighborhood Check

Every business knows that a comprehensive background check is required before hiring an individual for a job position. And with today’s highly digital methods of accessing information, getting criminal records for free shouldn’t be too hard. In fact, more than a dozen sites are offering free criminal records to do the job for you and all you have to do is sit back and wait for the free criminal records to come pouring in via your email or by mail, depending on your mode of delivery.

But because everything is wholly conducted online, problems on reliability of such information may arise. For instance, many sites offer “nationwide” free criminal records when in fact, there is really no such thing as a national criminal records check. The only one “nationwide” criminal database in the United States is the FBI database, which is known as the NCIC (National Crime Information Center). The FBI database is not considered as public record and this means that information it contains cannot be legally accessed by anyone except those from criminal justice agencies.

For all Americans, and even those outside the United States, the events of September 11th was a tragedy that could have been prevented. September 11th was a day marked down in everyone’s calendar as the day that the US government experienced a slap in their Intelligence division. It was also the day that gave birth to a new and heightened awareness of the importance of public information, such as public criminal records, to ensure the safety of one’s working environment.

September 11th led employers and property managers to believe in the need to conduct more comprehensive background and public criminal records checks on prospective employees or tenants. And because our society today are highly regarded as mobile or always on-the-go, checking public criminal records or background information in a single county or state is no longer enough. To really identify a person’s entire public criminal record or history of past offenses, you need to do more than just check his or her record in one state. You need to perform a nationwide check of his or her public criminal records.

Now, when it comes to nationwide public criminal records, a manual retrieval of information from every single record registry from every state, county, parish, or community is usually involved. As you might have guessed, the whole process is time-consuming. And although there are a lot of online web portals that offer public criminal records for free, it could also be expensive, depending on how thorough you want the background check to be (and when it comes to background checks, you don’t want to be anything but thorough so chances are, you will stay have to spend some amount of money in exchange for relevant information).

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