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Jail Records and County Jail Records

Both these types of records are pretty much one in that same which is why they have been grouped together in the title. As a Private Investigator I have found when searching for jail records or county jail records there are a few places to locate these documents. In this article I will give you a few of our most cost effective ways to try and locate the records you are looking for.

You first step should first be to determine if your subject has even ever been in jail. We will work under the assumption that you have prior knowledge of an incarceration. If you are unsure you should first start with a basic background investigation in a background check database. No use in wasting your time looking for jail records on someone who has never been in jail!

If the subject is still incarcerated the easiest and cheapest way to locate records would be to search the inmate locator on the actual jail's web site. They usually keep a running record of currently incarcerated individuals. That record should show you the charge, maximum sentence date and earliest possible release date. Where these web sites fall short is keeping records in the database once someone is released. Usually if you search someone who has been released already they will show a no results message. This can be misleading especially if you know the person was locked up there.

Many of the good background check databases will include prior jail records and county jail records. The key is to select a database that is reputable and responsible. Be sure that the database you select for your search offers a money back guarantee, customer service and some kind of preliminary results. Another advantage to subscribing to a database is the collection of their records into one place. This way if someone has been incarcerated in multiple locations you will get results for each one. If you just check one county jail you will only get the results for that one.

Stop wasting your valuable time! Investigative Site Reviews will give you the best public records and criminal records databases that can save you hours of searching the wrong sites. Mike personally uses and approves these sites.

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