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Michigan criminal records check is standard to any due diligence research conducted on individuals. Advances in technology has made the process of information retrieval much more convenient, but some things can only be achieved by manually checking sources of information for a Michigan criminal records check.

The “National” Michigan Criminal Records Check

Many online vendors of public records information are touting ads about services that include a “national” criminal records check for so-and-so dollar amount. Just for clarity’s sake, there is no such thing as a “nationwide” database of criminal records. In fact, the closest you’re ever going to get to a “nationwide” database when conducting a Michigan criminal records check is the FBI database and the information it contains is classified and therefore not available for public viewing.

Other Methods of Performing Michigan Criminal Records Check

In Michigan, there are several different major repositories of information on criminal records. You can conduct a Michigan criminal records check on any of the following:

Courts – Courts are good sources of information for a Michigan criminal records check. Court records are often the best way to verify if a Michigan criminal action was taken by law enforcement groups or criminal justice agencies as initiated by the victim. The County Clerks of Court is in charge of keeping all records of court cases, criminal or civil, intact. Hence, the most obvious place for you to conduct your Michigan criminal records check is the Office of the County Clerk of Court.

Michigan State of Police – The State Police keeps an archive of all Michigan criminal activity which is in the form of searchable database. Anyone can access this database which is considered open to the public. For your Michigan criminal records check, the State Police database is as good source as any as it contains all criminal history information from courts and municipal police departments. Michigan Department of Corrections – If the Michigan criminal records check you are conducting is particularly concerned with inmate records, the Department of Corrections is a good source of these. Inmate records are often detailed, sometimes even contains photographs of the criminal.

Arrests – Some data from Michigan arrest records at the county jail level can be obtained legally through a private source. The information you get from arrest records can be very helpful in your Michigan criminal records check. It helps determine if someone was arrested and processed at one of the available county jails.


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