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jackson county mugshots

How to Remove Mugshots Online
By Vincent O'Neil

A history of arrest means that you already have a police record. This includes your mugshots, which anyone can access though the Freedom of Information Act. In fact, more and more people are finding to their horror that their mugshots from police records are now available to anyone on the internet. A simple name search can reveal these embarrassing pictures, which could mean severe consequences, especially for someone who is applying for a job, a scholarship, or someone just trying to land a date.

Solutions to Get Embarrassing Mugshots Out of the Internet

As an example, if you want to remove mugshots from TampaCriminals.com, the only thing you can do is to appeal to the webmaster to take the information down. However, most webmasters often do not like being told what to do, and you cannot force him or her to take the photos down since it is part of public information. Even if the webmaster takes it down, if your photo is on a dozen more sites, getting a favorable response from all of them is not likely possible.

It is common knowledge that most employers do a background online search for job applicants. A mugshot from a DUI is not something that anyone would want a potential boss to see. Fortunately, there are companies now offering solutions for those who want these embarrassing reminders of their past removed from the internet. In fact, you can even hire lawyers to facilitate the removal of these embarrassing pictures from the internet.

How Mugshot Removal Works

Mugshot removal involves removing the actual page from the offending website. This means that when someone clicks on the link that leads to the page, he is led either to the homepage of the site, or to a blank page. Once this happens, search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google need 1 to 3 days to crawl through the link, see that it is dead, and remove the link from their search index. Once this happens, when someone searches for you, no more search results that link to that offending website will pop up.

Mugshot removal involves the removal of mugshots from unrelated websites so that your photo is not plastered on the screen every time someone searches for you online. Mugshot removers take these photos down so that the only online source left is the original source, in the police website. This means that there is a slimmer chance of anyone seeing your police photos, and even then the only information they have is the official police information, and not slanderous material that some bored internet user has posted on his site.

The author has spent a lot of time learning about Remove Mugshots and other related topics. Read more about Remove Mugshots from TampaCriminals.com at the author's website.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Vincent_O'Neil

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Dash Cam video shows gun battle between Iowa cop and suspect armed with rifle
Posted by Victoria Price / CBS 12 NEWS MAQUOKETA, Iowa - Dash cam video just released to the public shows an armed suspect with a rifle shooting an Iowa police officer during a traffic stop,
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2 employees defraud Stuart Home Depot out of more than $10,000, police say
By Scott T. Smith / CBS12 News STUART, Fla. -- Two Home Depot employees were arrested on charges of using planted shoppers to steal more than $10,000 in merchandise from their employer. Stuart police were alerted to the alleged scheme at the 3030 SE Federal Highway by store security that had been monitoring the two workers for three months. ...
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STP 500, Kroger 250 Double-Header Set For Sunday At Martinsville Speedway
The following is a news release from the Martinsville Speedway: Race fans will get a double dose of racing action at Martinsville Speedway Sunday afternoon. The STP 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. Sunday will now be the front end of a double-header of racing. Rain washed out Saturday’s Kroger 250 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Martinsville Speedway, but ...
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1971 disappearance of 2 teen girls may have been solved
AP PHOTO: A Studebaker with skeletal remains was found in Brule Creek near Elk Point, S.D. ELK POINT, S.D. (AP) â Authorities plan to release an update on the investigation into the 1971 disappearance of two South Dakota girls. Authorities are holding a news conference Tuesday afternoon to discuss results from forensic testing on human remains found last September in an upside down Studebaker ...
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Denver police eye 911 response time after woman killed while talking to dispatchers
DENVER (AP) â Authorities were investigating Wednesday whether Denver police responded quickly enough to a woman who was fatally shot at least 12 minutes into a 911 call in which she said her husband was hallucinating and asking her to shoot him. Police officials said their internal investigation will focus on the time it took officers to respond to the home of 44-year-old Kristine Kirk on ...
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Denver police eye 911 response time after woman killing
DENVER (AP) â Authorities were investigating Wednesday whether Denver police responded quickly enough to a woman who was fatally shot at least 12 minutes into a 911 call in which she said her husband was hallucinating and asking her to shoot him. Police officials said their internal investigation will focus on the time it took officers to respond to the home of 44-year-old Kristine Kirk on ...
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Paula Deen restaurant closes
Posted By: Michele Wright, CBS 12 News Anchor SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) â A wildly popular Georgia restaurant at the center of a lawsuit that left the reputation of famed Southern celebrity cook Paula Deen in shambles has reportedly closed. The Savannah Morning News and WSAV television both reported Thursday that Uncle Bubba's Seafood & Oyster House announced the closure on its Facebook page. ...
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Chief: Suspects wore GPS devices during killings
Posted By: Michele Wright, CBS 12 News Anchor ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) â Two parolees raped and killed at least four women while wearing GPS trackers, and there may be more victims, a California police chief alleged Monday. Franc Cano and Steven Dean Gordon, both registered sex offenders, were both wearing ankle bracelets when the women were assaulted and killed last fall and earlier this year ...
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Feds arrest Chinatown's alleged gang leader Shrimp Boy
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) â Beneath the strings of red paper lanterns and narrow alleyways of the nation's oldest Chinatown lies a sinister underworld, according to an FBI criminal complaint that has stunned even those familiar with the neighborhood's history of gambling houses, opium dens and occasional gangland-style murders. ...
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