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Massachusetts is one of the 29 U.S. states that keep a central repository of Massachusetts criminal records. It is also one of the few states that make this database of Massachusetts criminal records available on the Internet. Called the Criminal Offender Record Information or CORI, this database contains information which Board-certified, non-criminal justice agencies such as schools, day care centers, home health aides, youth athletic coaches, and municipal government agencies can use. You, as a private citizen, may also request a copy of your own Massachusetts criminal records from the CORI Unit. Every month, the Unit has been known to process 100,000 Massachusetts criminal records at an average. And this number excludes those requested by law enforcement agencies.

Other services are offered by the CORI Unit aside from providing the public access to Massachusetts criminal records. For instance, the Unit may provide assistance to those who are seeking to correct inaccuracies in their Massachusetts criminal records. The basic functions of the CORI Unit is to help in the correction of inaccurate Massachusetts criminal records, investigates complaints of improper access to or dissemination of CORI, and provides legal assistance on matters relating to the CORI law to police, prosecutors, judges, and the public.

About Massachusetts Criminal Records

There various reasons why anyone would require information from Massachusetts criminal records. First and foremost, individuals may request for their own Massachusetts criminal records simply as a reference when applying for a job. Likewise, employers of certified agencies may request CORI on prospective employees or volunteers. Other entities, such as licensing boards also have a legitimate need to request for CORI on applicants for certain licenses.

Requests for Massachusetts criminal records must be done through the Criminal History Systems Board or the CHSB. A request form is provided to the applicant and this form must be approved by the CHSB before information is disseminated to the requesting party.

There are several types of application forms provided by the unit and you only need to choose which one is the right form suited to your needs. All forms are available in downloadable formats through the Massachusetts Government website. After filling up the application form, it must be sent via snail mail. There is no FAX or walk-in service available.

The Cori Unit only contains Massachusetts criminal records. You cannot request for criminal history information from another state or states.

Requesting Massachusetts Criminal Records

As mentioned earlier, your request for Massachusetts criminal records must first be approved by the CHSB before information is released. After approval of the request, the CHSB-certified agency will now receive information and instructions on how to get Massachusetts criminal records. Requests must be made by mail since no FAX or walk-in service is available.


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