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madera county jail inmates online

Employees are an integral part of a company’s business. And this is why before hiring an individual for a job position, companies deem it important to conduct a thorough background check on that person, which includes his personal history, criminal records, past employment, and the like.

Criminal records, especially, are important pieces of information that any organization, business or otherwise, would like to know about. The information that they get from criminal records helps them judge the character of the person and find out if he is suitable for the job, based on the people he would be involving himself in with such a position. For instance, if the person being considered for a position as a child care assistant has criminal records involving child molestation, then the company will be better off with the forehand knowledge.

So basically, criminal records are the central register of police. Most of the time, they only contain prison punishments, or incidents of a crime where the result is imprisonment for a certain period of time. The data contained in criminal records is used for criminal sanctions and also to figure out the reliability of a person. This is where companies needing copies of criminal records come in.

It is a common fact that no individual really wants to go through any unnecessary intrusions into his or her private life. It is termed as invasion of privacy and no one in his right mind would like his or her privacy invaded. However, our society today is highly mobile and for that reason, it is more important than ever for us to know with whom we are dealing with as this could very well mean the difference between really knowing someone and getting fooled into knowing someone.

Free criminal records checks have a legitimate use. This is proven by many tragic results arising from situations, such as employment or investment due diligence, when background checks were not conducted.

Free Criminal Records Checks for a Safer Workplace

Employers have the right to know whether the individual they are prospectively hiring has relevant previous convictions stated in his or her free criminal records checks. Also, employees have the right to a safe and secure working environment. Without access to free criminal records checks, employees could potentially be at risk from their co-workers.

One example of an event which was brought on by the lack of free criminal records checks by an employment agency happened in August of 1990. Twenty-eight year-old Christina Appleton was stabbed to death by co-worker, Arvie Carroll, a convicted murderer. The agency, Iron Horse Vineyards, had not bothered to conduct a thorough background check nor free criminal records checks on Carroll before placing him (SF Chronicle 11/26/92).

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