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porter county jail inmates

An integral part of a company’s business, aside from the business itself, is the employee. And for this reason, companies are not taking chances in hiring just any individual that fits the criteria stated in the job description. Your background as a citizen of your country is also one factor that affects your prospects in landing a job.

Criminal records that are free to the public are also free to companies who wish to perform a little check on your personal background. This might seem a little intrusive to you and it’s no wonder because it is intrusive. But in today’s mobile society, the benefits of free to the public access to personal information such as criminal records can outlay the dangers of privacy invasion.

Employers have a legitimate need to check on your criminal records that are free to the public and you, yourself, have a right to a safer working environment by having co-workers who have clean “slates” or have no record of past criminal offenses. However, no matter how legitimate the need may be, there are laws that restrict access to criminal records that are free to the public. In most cases, the definition of public information usually involves data that may also be categorized under “personal” and in this regard, the individual reserves the right to keep privacy.

When due diligence research is conducted on individuals, a check of criminal records is part of the standard operating procedure. In this highly digital era, everything should be easier now compared to methods used before. This is because instant access to digitized information is possible and many public records vendors are offering their services to give you just that – instant access to relevant public records.

However, if you don’t want to pay for the information that you’re getting, there are also several websites out there who are offering free criminal records and other such records totally without charge.

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Fed Court gives new life to Porter County Jail lawsuit
A federal appeals court breathed new life Wednesday into a complaint from a Porter County jail inmate, who claims he was denied medical care for a bullet wound to his abdomen while locked up.
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SUNDAY EDITION | Bullitt County "debtor's prison" raises constitutional questions
Defense attorneys say Bullitt County judges are improperly jailing indigent inmates indefinitely until they pay money owed.
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Californians Vote on Lighter Penalties to Relieve Prison Crowding
Inmates exercise in the yard at a correctional facility in San Diego. California’s prisons filled to 200 percent of capacity in connection with the the Three Strikes law.
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Episode 3
By releasing low-level offenders, the state hopes to ease prison overcrowding.
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Californians to vote on reducing sentences to relieve prisons
(c) 2014, Bloomberg News. SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California voters are being asked to lighten criminal penalties for low-level drug possession and nonviolent thefts such as shoplifting, to help ease crowding in the state's prisons.
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5 Things to Know in Florida for Oct. 2
Your daily look at news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today. EX-PARTNER OF PONZI SCHEMER FACES SENTENCING A former law partner of convicted Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein is asking a federal judge for a lenient prison sentence after pleading guilty to a ...
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