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The Internet provides you with a number of sources for Orange County Florida criminal records. So now, instead of spending minutes looking for parking spaces and standing in long lines to get copies of Orange County Florida criminal records, you can download them with just a click of the mouse. Although it may be true that nothing beats the manual retrieval of information, the convenience that only the Internet can provide is something that we should all take advantage of.

Public records researchers may say that only about 20 percent of Orange County Florida criminal records are available online. Still, online web portals are as good a place as any to start your search for Orange County Florida criminal records. And who knows? These portals may open up new source venues for you.

Central Repository for Orange County Florida Criminal Records

Most states, including Florida, in the U.S. keep online databases of public criminal records which anyone can access. Florida statute provides that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement will maintain a central repository for criminal history information and that such information must also be accessible online. The information contained in the database includes Orange County Florida criminal records as well as those from other counties and several cities. Only crimes of a serious nature, e.g. gross misdemeanors, felonies, enhanced misdemeanors, and the like, are included within the database.

Alternative Sources for Orange County Florida Criminal Records

The main problem with relying on the state database as your sole public records source is that it may not contain all the information that you need. As mentioned earlier in the article, the database only contains Orange County Florida criminal records of crimes of a serious nature. Therefore, you will not be able to find any information about minor misdemeanors from the central repository.

An alternative to the state database is the county databases. Orange County in Florida has several major repositories of information which you can use in your criminal records search. The Office of the County Clerk of Court is one good example of an excellent source for Orange County Florida criminal records. The Clerk of Court keeps documentations of all cases that occur within the county, including criminal and civil cases. These documents are then kept as court filings for future reference. The Office of the County Clerk of Court is a good place to visit when you’re performing an Orange County Florida criminal records check.


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