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Inmate Search - The Last Free Search For People

One of the last free people searches involves inmates and detainees. To some people, the idea of county jail inmates searches might seem silly, but there are lots more who feel that they are very important. The process of finding inmates is relatively unimpeded because any person that is being held by a government agency in a correctional facility, state or local, has little to no privacy rights in the United States. What makes this a more effective tool is that there is a jail in nearly every county in the US and the information about prisoners can be conveyed online, over the phone or in person if one can physically visit the jail facility.

The technical difference between the terms inmate and "detainee" is that inmates are convicted criminals while detainees still hold the non-convicted status, they are being detained for pending charges or a court date. Prisoner, of course, refers to those offenders sentenced spend time in a state operated or funded prison

Some people are the victims of a crime and find that they can't stand the idea of not knowing where the perpetrator of the crime is currently located. They get a great deal of comfort by being able to run a search and confirm that the person is still incarcerated. Another reason are are reporters who in search of information. Sometimes the reporters are seeking a story and think that perusing the records of the inmates might give them an idea. Another reason for the reporters to run county jail inmates searches is because they are currently working on a story and need to double check their facts.

One of the things that really surprises people is the sheer volume of information that they get from the county jail inmates searches. A good search will provide you with all sorts of information about a prisoner. The type of information that you should expect to get from a simple inmate search includes things like:

  • An official copy of the arrest record
  • The address that the inmate can be reached at
  • The amount that the judge set their bail for
  • When they are allowed to see visitors
  • Any charges that might have been filed against them
  • The anticipated date of their release

Another thing that many people don't know about county jail inmates searches is that current inmates aren't the only individuals who you can collect information about. You will also be able to get information about people who used to be inmates at the county jail. Even if they were only at the jail for a short period of time, the information should be available for anyone who is interested in running the inmate search. Many employers have started to include county jail inmates searches when they are collecting background information about someone whom they are considering hiring.

The author is a webmaster and website designer who writes and researches for Str82u Networks, a group of free people search websites designed to help find people free and access to public records that are freely available on the internet.

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